In this world brimming with uncertainty and contrasts, sometimes it is hard to distinguish what is real from what is fictitious. As a soul mate and as a mirror, our own reality becomes another one where space-time scale and graphic design are similar.  We are moved to other worlds of recreated analogy. Which is the true reality?
The coexistence of those parallel universes, of spaces and of forms, almost defined, make us raise our virtual design, from a daily routine till an ambiguous conceptual level, which faces us against our own mirror, and makes us recognize this innate duality.













Mirrors 1. 100x100 cm. / 2011














Mirrors 3. 100x100 cm. / 2011














Mirrors 4. 100x100 cm. / 2011














Mirrors 5. 100x100 cm. / 2011














Mirrors 6. 100x100 cm. / 2011














Mirrors 2. 100x100 cm. / 2011















 Jesús M.Chamizo