Jesus Martín Chamizo


Madrid, 1961

For more than 30 years he has developed his work and investigates new forms of expression in different areas of photography. In the last 10 years he has focused mainly on the world of architecture and art.
Throughout his career he has participated in various individual and group exhibitions, obtaining numerous national and international awards.

57 International Awards 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022: Gold IPA LATIN AWARDS 2018-Architecture / Gold PANO AWARDS 2019, Open-Vertical / Gold, «Best International Architectural Photographer in 2020» – IPA AWARDS USA.Gold – ARCHITECTURE MASTER PRIZE 2021– PUBLIC EXTERIOR – “RE-VIEW” / Gold – PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS 2022 in Fine Art-Digitally Enhanced, (Reflexions) 




He lets himself be seduced by architectural spaces and interprets, with his particular way of looking, the sensations that they suggest to him.
«I try to communicate with images the architectural essence and personality, the mark that the human being leaves in his environment, and how that environment influences the human being himself»
Sometimes they can even transform and project into another parallel universe.

Recent Exhibitions

Gran Vía 27 / Madrid Exhibition «Palacios Tribute»
Ibermaison Marbella Exhibition-Series
DR Castelló / Madrid Exhibition, «Buildreams»

DR Príncipe de Vergara / Madrid Exhibition, «Buildreams»
Tienda 42 / Madrid Exhibition, «Metalics»
Casa Decor / Madrid Exhibition, «Series»
Rugiano / Madrid Exhibition, «Series»
Showroom Retiro / Madrid Exhibition, «Series»
Galería Larban / Florida Exhibition, «Palacios Tribute», «Series»
4D Arty / Madrid Exhibition, «Stairs»

Madrid Exhibition in Club Financiero Génova / Wecollect Club,»Series»
Chicago Arquitecture Bienal / Exhibition in Cervantes Institute, «Palacios»
New York / Exhibition in Cervantes Institute, «Palacios»

Madrid / Open Art-Casadecor, «Series»
Mallorca-Porto Pi / Flecha Gallery, «Series»
Madrid / Ror-Gallery, «Series»

Madrid / One Shot Hotels By Nagare Art Projects, “Series” Madrid / PHOTOESPAÑA 2019 in Kreisler Gallery «Building Images»
Brussels / Noon Consulting Art-Gallery «Imagined Architecture»

Brussels / Mhaata Gallery «Imagined Architecture»
Madrid / ART-MADRID Fair, «Series»
Budapest / PH 21 Gallery «Silence»
Madrid / PHOTOESPAÑA 2020 in Poko Espacio Gallery «A Scene / Theaters»
Girona / Vila Casas Foundation Museum, “From The Stage 3” Crete / Chania CIP FESTIVAL 2020, “Geiser Tatio 360o”
Museo Virtual-Mundo Arti / Collective «Geometrical 3»

Madrid / Flecha Serrano-Fair, «Series»
Madrid / Kreisler Gallery «Gallery of Objects»
León / Museo de León-Collective «Contemporary Urban Photography Contest 2021»
Madrid / “Artist Experience” Fair – Collective
Madrid / “Art Madrid 2021” Fair with Kreisler Gallery
Madrid / “Sin Arquetipos” – Kreisler Gallery

Madrid / «Art Madrid 2022 Fair» with Kreisler Gallery
León / «Re-View» in Camarote Madrid
León / «Series» Espacio E Gallery
Madrid / PHOTOESPAÑA 2022 in Kreisler Gallery «Interior Landscapes»
Madrid / PHOTOESPAÑA 2022 in PokoEspacio Gallery «Spaces», NFT and Qugmented Reality




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